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Aid Research

The Aulalearning Foundation announces aid for accounting, auditing and insolvency research with the aim of promoting research in accordance with the following rules:


Proposals whose research topic is framed in any of the following areas are considered preferred:

  - Auditing

- Analysis of international auditing standards (NIAS)

- Bankruptcy Law

- International Accounting Standards

- Business Valuation

- Financial Information and New Technology

- Nonprofit Entities



Applicants must send the following documentation (Necessites javascript per veure aquest correu-e):


1. Written directed to the President of Foundation AULALEARNING

specifying the subject of the investigation and the acceptance of all the rules of this call.

2. Curriculum vitae of applicants.

  3. Report of the investigation, detailing the composition of the research team, objectives, work plan, sources and methodology, as well as experience in the

scope of the proposed research. This report should not exceed ten pages in length.

  4. Photocopy of National Identity.

  5. E-mail address (e-mail).



  The deadline for applications is 12- 31-2016 communicating the decision of the Selection Committee before 01-30, 2017.



  The aid is granted for the period of execution of research ranges from the 01-30, 2017 until 12- 31, 2017.



  1. The Selection Committee shall consist of the President of Foundation AULALEARNING and 2 other members appointed by the board of the Foundation Aulalearning These will include a former student and a teacher.

  2. The decision is final.

  3. The aid may be declared void



  1. The amount of the aid shall be two thousand euros (2,000).

  2. Researchers will receive the amount of aid and an honorary diploma at the conclusion of a rally organized by Aulalearning Foundation which will be announced in advance.


  1. Before the last day on the base established Fourth, the research work will be handed over, sending him (Necessites javascript per veure aquest correu-e)

.The Result of the review of submitted work researchers will communicate within a period of three months, the positive evaluation to be necessary

for receiving Aid.



  1. AULALEARNING FOUNDATION reserves the right to publish the results of research.

  2. The authors undertake to record sponsorship FOUNDATION AULALEARNING and publications arising from research
performed, with a copy thereof to the AULALEARNING FOUNDATION