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Course specialist in bankruptcy Mediation

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Course approved by the Ministry of Justice of Spain

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The main objective of the program is to train professionals to act as mediators in the field of commercial law and economic transactions : business relationships.

The course is aimed at professionals who want to act as third parties in a conflict between two or more people, institutions or between groups and get a professional output as professional mediators.

  • lawyers
  • economists
  • social graduates
  • attorneys
  • business professors
  • engineers
  • human resource managers of companies professionals wishing to develop these skills as to act as a mediator and to implement them in their daily work in a company or organization.
  • 750 € (interest-free deferred payment)
  • 6  ECTS
  • 3 months
  • Online course - E-learning
  • The form of payments: 250 euros initial, Directly debitted bills interest-free
    Cash payment: 700 euros.

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